His love and passion for the sea, caring for his boat, his ability to maneuver in every situation, make Matteo not only a skilled and experienced Commander, but above all a true sailor …! His ship experience has continued for over 25 years; years that have taken him to sail in many unexplored places of Sardinia but not only. After having known him, you will want to sail with him in any sea.

You can read his cv here: marineria.it

The small and promising sailor … if necessary also our nice mascot with a strong passion for the sea, sailing, nature and all animals. He follows the footsteps of his family with joy and availability. When on board, he is a skilled entertainer, especially with children, to whom he is happy to illustrate how the activities and life on the boat take place.

The commanding “right arm” of the Commander! With over 15 years’ experience in the industry, whether on board or not, he will amaze you with his availability, kindness and passion for his role. Very skilled even in “restricted” kitchens, if necessary it will delight you and fill you with a thousand attentions.


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