The trip consists of a day trip by boat that will allow participants to get in touch with the world of sailing and to socialize with life on board or simply enjoy the navigation, landscapes and delights of our chef.

It’s a relaxing trip, for all ages, during which you will see enchanting and suggestive places. The favorable wind will allow us to go sailing, where the only perceptible noise will be that of the murmur of the sea on the hull.

During the low season or when the weather is not the best, the boat trip could be oriented towards learning some simple notions of boating, the naturalistic and archaeological aspect of the area, etc.

A completely new way to discover and learn about Sulcis Iglesiente!

The basic itinerary covers part of the Island of San Pietro and part of the Island of Sant’Antioco, but it can undergo variations based on the time. It is possible to foresee as alternative destinations:

– Periplus of the Island of San Pietro – Pan Di Zucchero (Porto Flavia)
– Circumnavigation of the Island of Sant’Antioco (including La Vacca and Vitello)
– Capo Teulada (Cala Zafferano)

During the trip we make stops for the bath and (weather permitting) short trips by boat inside some caves present in the Islands. Lunch and drinks are included in the price and include: carasau bread, Sardinian sausage and pecorino, a delicious first course typical of the area based on fresh local tuna, fruit, wine, drinks, coffee and homemade myrtle.

During the return, we will serve tea or muscat with Sardinian typical sweets.

Departure h. 10:30 from Calasetta (unless otherwise agreed)
Expected return for h. 17:00 With navigation, the most curious or the most sporting can participate in the maneuvers on board.

Leaving the port of departure, we will sail to the north, we will cross the canal and we will sail along the northern coast of the island of San Pietro, particularly due to the morphological conformation, where the inlets of Cala Lunga, Mamerosso (with high walls of red trachytic rock) are to be noted. ) and the vast entrance of the Grotta di punta delle Oche where we will approach to take some photos.

From there we will move to Cala Vinagra, with the island of the same name and the sheltered cove where we will anchor the anchor for a bath and for lunch. Or we will sail south along part of the west coast of the Island of Sant’Antioco with the white beaches of Calasetta and the suggestive cliff overhanging with the wonderful backdrops of the Nido dei Passeri.

We will continue towards the solitary inlet of Cala Lunga with sandy beach and the crystal clear sea where we will stop for a swim and for lunch. In the afternoon we will continue our sail to the Island of San Pietro in beautiful inlet of the Mezzaluna, limited by a massive rock face on whose eastern side various caves open. Here we will make an afternoon stop for another swim, a bit of sun and so much relaxation.

Finally we will resume our route to sail back to Porto if the wind is favorable, skirting the famous Columns, mighty pillars of trachytic rock.

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